Dr Dacheu Nguegang Edvige Wandrille

Dental Surgeon

Experienced Dental Surgeon committed to meeting the needs of patients dental care with professionalism and humanism. The treatment methods and technologies used in the Dental Office are modern and above all, strictly documented on both scientific and clinical grounds.
In 1999 she graduated as a Doctor of Stomatology from the State University of Medicine in Kazan, Russia.
In 2007 she received a University Degree in Public Health, issued by Wayne State University School of Medicine of Michigan in the United States of America.
The knowledge gained in dental surgery and the many professional experiences; Europe, North America and Africa acquired by Dr. Dacheu Nguegang, enable her to offer solutions to your dental problems by applying advanced medicine.
Dr. Dacheu Nguegang is registered to the board of Dental Surgeons of Cameroon under No. 208.
Dr. Dacheu Nguegang speaks three languages ​​(French, English, Russian) and local languages.


Nguegoue Jeanne d’Arc

Dental assistant, patients portfolio manager

Nguegoue Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d'Arc brings her expertise to the team coordinating monitoring, organization and management of patient records.

She is dedicated to creating and maintaining a pleasant and comforting atmosphere for patients in the Dental Practice DENTSTAR.



Makong Lepasha Claudine

Dental Assistant, Bilingual Secretary

Makong Lepasha Claudine

Claudine facilitates communication and reassure domestic and international patients through her bilingual skills(French and English)

Thanks to her organizational skills, she coordinates the planning of patients appointments administrative organization of the Dental Practice.


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